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Are you an Employer? Find Allied Professionals for your Area.

What is AlliedHealthAlert?

AlliedHealthAlert is a free service that helps allied health professionals identify job openings in specific geographic areas:

• Step 1: Create a Profile.

• Step 2: Specify Geographic Preferences (Cities, States, or Regions).

• Step 3: Profile is sent to employers in your geographic preferences.

• Step 4: Employers contact you about their jobs.

Don't have time to register? E-mail your CV to and tell us your geographic preferences. Specify cities, states or regions. Our team will do the rest of the work.

Looking to hire an allied health professional? Start receiving profiles today: (866) 772-2590

Why AlliedHealthAlert?

• AlliedHealthAlert puts You in Control - There are too many great jobs that you don't know about.

• 90% of Job Openings are Never Posted Online - Employers simply cannot afford to post most of their open jobs.

• 5,574 Hospitals and 108,638 Clinics - There are too many employers to contact on your own.

• No Recruiting Firms - Only hear from in-house recruiters and administrators from the employer's organization.

• Find Jobs in Any Profession/Specialty - You can choose any specialty when you create your profile.

• Confidential Search (Optional) - The minimum requirements are an e-mail, specialty, and geographic preferences.

PracticeAlert is committed to helping physicians and advance practitioners find the practices that they are looking for. We have a job hunting tips section to provide you with the tools you need to find the right practice.

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